Keep your entire infrastructure secure

With the help of server hardening, I keep your entire IT infrastructure up-to-date and secure for Windows, Windows Server, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You’ll save time and reduce complexity by having a single solution for all your security needs.

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Server hardening is a necessary process since hackers can gain access through unsecured ports. Hence, to limit the entry points, we block the unused ports and protocols as well as disable the services which are not required. All of this process reduces the attack surface area and eliminates a large number of tactics an attacker could utilize.

I believe server hardening is the most important task to be performed on a server, considering the risk it carries along and therefore, we consider this as our responsibility to remove these vulnerabilities and provide you with a secure and risk-free server.

Our security team will examine your server for any flaws and security holes and give it proper security treatment as per requirement. We will also take additional measures to help tighten the security of your server. We ensure that your server is locked down and ready to run, securely, from day one.

Server Hardening

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Server Hardening?

Hardening is a catch-all term for the changes made in configuration, access control, network settings and server environment, including applications, in order to improve the server security and overall security of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Different benchmarks exist for Windows or Linux server hardening, including Microsoft Security Benchmarks as well as CIS Benchmark hardening standards established by the Center For Internet Security. Benchmarks from CIS cover network security hardening for cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure as well as application security policy for software such as Microsoft SharePoint, along with database hardening for Microsoft SQL Server, among others.